1.    Air Marshal (AM) Michael Samson-Oje was commissioned into Air Branch of the Ghana Air Force on 16 June 1978 (back-dated to 20 August 1977). He started as a Squadron Pilot with the No 2 Squadron at the Air Force Station Tamale in June 1978. He has held various appointments during the course of his progression including the Communication Squadron Commander, Officer Commanding the Flying Wing at the Air Force Base Accra, Director Air Intelligence, Air Secretary with additional responsibilities for Air Operations. He also served with the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) in former Yugoslavia as a Military Observer/Air Field Monitor from December 1992 to December 1993. He was a Member of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) board from 31 July 2007 to 31 January 2009.

2.    AM Michael Samson-Oje is currently the Chief of the Defence Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces.  In this capacity, he is responsible to the Commander–in–Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces for all administrative and operational matters with regards to Ghana Armed Forces. Prior to this appointment, he had served as the Chief of Air Staff, Ghana Air Force.  Michael who is a senior Air Force Pilot has flown various aircraft types including Falcon 900 EX, Gulf Stream III, Fokker 28, Fokker 27, Cessna Citation 500, Saab Safir, and Cessna 150 and logged over 12,000 flying hours.

3.    Michael is a graduate of the Air University/Air War College in Montgomery Alabama, USA, the National Defence University, Washington D.C., and the Command and Staff College, Jaji, Nigeria. He currently holds a Masters degree in National Security and Strategic Studies, a Diploma in Counter-Terrorism and an Air Transport Pilot Licence.  Among his outstanding academic and professional performances, he was awarded the Distinguished Graduate Award during the Counter-terrorism Course in 2004.

4.    AM Michael Samson-Oje is married to Margaret Monney and both have been blessed with four children (two girls and two boys). His hobbies are keeping abreast with contemporary issues, watching the English Premier League, the Discovery and History Channels and exercising in the gym.


5.    Education and Courses Attended.

Details of progression are as follows:

a.    Tamale Secondary School, Tamale, 1967 – 1972 – O Level.

b.    Navrongo Secondary School, Navrongo, 1972 – 1974 – A Level.

c.    Flying Training School, Takoradi, February 1976 – August 1976.

d.    Royal Netherlands Civil Flying School (RLS), Eelde, Holland, August 1976 – June 1978.

e.    Fokker 27 Ground Course for Pilots at Fokker Services, Amsterdam, Holland, October – November 1979.

f.    Fokker 27 Pilot Conversion Course at Air Force Station Takoradi, February – March 1980.

g.    Fokker 28 Pilot Conversion Training Course, Fokker Services, Amsterdam, Holland, October – November 1986.

h.    Fokker 28 Pilot Conversion Training at Air Force Station, Accra, March – April 1987.

i.     Ghana Armed Forces Staff College (Junior Division), August – December 1987.

j.     Command and Staff College (Senior Division) at Jaji, Nigeria – August 1991 – August 1992.

k.    Gulf Stream III Ground and Simulator Course, Flight Safety Savannah, USA – 1999.

l.      Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), Flight Safety International at Vero     Beach, USA – June 2000.

m.    The School of National Security Education, National Defence University, Washington D.C. –

December 2003  –   August – 2004.

n.    Air War College, Air University, Montgomery, USA – June 2005 – June 2006.

6.   Qualifications
a.    Military:
(1)    awc (USA 2005).
(2)    PSC (Nigeria 1993).
(3)    JSC (1987).

b.     Civil/Professional
(1)    Masters Degree in National Security & Strategic Studies.

(2)    Counter-terrorism Fellowship – Certificate Diploma.

(3)    Air Transport Pilots License (ATPL).

(4)    Type rating on the GIII, Fokker 27, Fokker 28 Aircraft.

(5)    Flying experience – over 12,000 hours on various aircraft types.

c.   Major Awards and Honours
(1)    Long Service and Efficiency Medal.
(2)    UNPROFOR Medal.
(3)    1979 Revolution Medal.
(4)    December 1981 Revolution Medal.
(5)    50TH Independence Anniversary Commemoration Medal.
(6)    Ghana Air Force @ 50 Medal.

7.   Appointments
a.    05 January 2016 to Date                    Chief of the Defence Staff, GHQ.
b.    31 March 2009 – 04 Jan 2016           Chief of Air Staff, AFHQ.
c.    06 January 2007 – 02 April 2009      Sta Comd, AFS Tak.
d.   June 2006 – Jan 2007                          Air Secretary (AIR SEC), AFHQ.

Key Responsibilities
Responsible to the Chief of Air Staff for the development of the manpower  and career planning programmes for officers.

September 2004 – June 2005    Acting Director Air Operations/Director Air Intelligence, AFHQ.

Key Responsibilities
The Principal Advisor to the Chief of Air Staff and responsible for the overall Air Staff Policy in the Ghana Air Force and Operational Employment Policy.

March 2003 – September 2004          Director Air Intelligence, AFHQ.

Key Responsibilities
Responsible to the Chief of Air Staff for all matters relating to Air Intelligence.

February 1999 – March 2003, Officer Commanding Flying Wing, Air Force Base, Accra.

Key Responsibilities
Second in Command of the Base and responsible for Operational Control of three Flying Squadrons.

Ensuring that all flying activities are  performed in accordance with the Air Staff Instructions and the Ghana  Air Force Flying Orders (GAFFOS). Ensuring the efficient and smooth running of the VIP Lounge at the AirForce Base, Accra.

April 1996 – February 1999, Officer Commanding  Communication Squadron, Air Force Base, Accra.

Key Responsibilities
Ensuring the safe and timely execution of all VIP and VVIP  flights.

January 1995 – April 1996         Flight Commander, Communication Squadron, Air Force Base, Accra.

December 1992 – Dec 1993       Military Observer with the United  Nations Protection Force in Former Yugoslavia (UNPROFOR).  Served as an Airfield Monitor in Zagreb, Banjaluca, Knin, and Zadar.

Key Responsibilities
Responsible for the monitoring and implementation of UN SCR 781.

31 Jul 2007 – 31 Jan 2009          Ghana Civil Aviation Authority  (GCAA) Board Member.

8.    Some Important Seminar/Workshops Attended

a.    Air Power Contributions to Irregular Warfare Operations, co-hosted by
Ghana Air Force and United States Air Forces (USAF) in Africa/Europe to develop a common platform and capacity to confront security challenges facing African Air Forces in Accra from 20 – 22 August 2013.

b.    Capacity Building Workshop on defining the roles of parliament relative to the security sector held at the Nungua on 7 – 8 July 2006

c.    Seminar on Good Governance/Civil Military Relations at Akosombo (CDD – Ghana) in 2001.

9.    Membership of Professional Associates

a.    Counter-terrorism Fellowship.

10.   The Senior Officer who is an alumnus of Air University of Montgomery, Alabama in the United States was inducted into the International Honours Roll of the University in October 2009.

Marital Status

11.     Married and blessed with four (4) children.

12.    Hobbies

a.    Keeping abreast with Contemporary Issues.

b.    Watching the English Premier League, Discovery & History Channels.

c.     Exercising in the Gymnasium.